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Training Material Developed By Geoff Greig

LIVE online training

I often do live online training sometimes in a classroom situation and sometimes not in a classroom. To see if any are currently running or

are scheduled or to see recording of previous sessions click here

Other Training Material

Below is a list of training material I have developed over a number of years. Some of it may be a bit out of date. If you wish to make any comments about this material or feel any of it is incorrect or could be improved, please contact me at the following email address:

Email Address:

A video on,An Introduction to Digital Technology for Senior people that have no or little knowledge or understanding of modern technology

Computer Training Videos. Play list of some of my Technology Training Videos Basic 1, Basic 2, Abridged Basic Course

Computer Use Fundamentals 1, Computer Use Fundamentals 2

A set of Mouse Exercises, Process map diagrams

Beginners Course for Windows 8, 30+ ways to start a program in Windows

Beginners Course Training Notes, Beginners Course Exercises, Beginners course Videos,

|Windows Explorer Training Notes, Windows Explorer Exercises, Windows Explorer Videos, File Exploere in Windows 10,

Internet and Email Training Notes, Internet and Email Exercises, Internet Videos, Videos on Using Email

Google Earth Information,

Intermediate Course, Intermediate Course Notes, Intermediate Course administration,

Open Office Training (Spreadsheet only)

Digital Camera Workshop, Smart Phone Course, Using Smart Phones,

Mobile Phone Workshop, My Experience of using My Android Phone

Speech Recognition, Speech recognition exercises ,

Choosing an Internet Plan, Word Beyond the Basics, Mobile Devices, Videos in Training, Windows 7 Conversion, Windows 8 Conversion, Windows 10 conversion, Internet Mapping Images and Locations,

How to Participate in LIVE On-Line Training, Google hangout on Air for creating Training Videos, Copyright, Internet TV,

My Recording of Training sessions, Adult Learning Australia (ALA) recording of Webinars (some of which I presented)

Leaning what you did not know, that you did not know Learning is NOT Cheating Adult Learning Principles

Gimp Training money, why some people have and others don't

All the above training material that I created is copyleft and covered by the Creative Commons ShareAlike licence. That basically means to you can copy distribute and virtually use this material any way you wish provided you credit me (Geoff Greig) as the author. See: This copyright material remains the property of Geoff Greig.


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