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Beginners course Videos

Here are some Videos that can help you learn to use a computer if you are a complete beginner.

I have sometimes put more than one video for each subject, this is because some videos are better than others and also because it can be of benefit to see an item described different ways.

Good Ergonomics - Correct computer posture

Learning to use the mouse

Using Scroll Bars

Switching On and Off the computer

Types of Computers

This is a Google Hangout on Air describing types of computers in quite a bit of detail. It run for 13 Minutes but only the first 7 are about types of computers. The rest gives you an appreciation of what google hangout is all about (Another way to learn)

This video also explains input processing and output

Basic Parts of a Desktop Computer

Setting Up a Desktop Computer

Function of the various parts of the Keyboard

This video start with various parts of the computer but spends quite some time on the various part of the keyboard

This is a keyboard lesson video, but it only tells you what to do but does not show any examples of doing it.

Difference between computer Hardware and Software

This video goes into a bit more detail as to the types of software

Windows Desktop

Start Menu

Opening Programs Quickly

System Tray and Task Area

This one gets a bit technical and uses a lot of bus words

Open and Arrange Multiple Windows in Windows 7

Resizing a Desktop Window

Using Programs Menus - Notepad Tutorial

Cut Copy and Paste

The first 4 minutes are within a a document and the rest of the video is on cutting copying and pasting files

Windows Calculator

Window WORDPAD In Windows 7

Explains the difference between Menus in Windows XP and the Ribbon in Windows 7,but goes on a bit

Paint Windows 7

Sound Recorder Windows 7

This Video only shows hor to record sounds, Not to play them. You should be able to play the souds you recorded by double clicking in the file where you save the sound.

Move or Copy Information between Programs

How computers work

A very good explanation done by Josh (an Aussie)

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