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Why finding information yourself (learning) without using your memory, is not cheating

Definition of Cheating

cheat tʃiːt/Submit verb gerund or present participle: cheating

1. act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage

The above implies your relationship with others

You can NOT give yourself an advantage over yourself.

If you are asked to only supply information from your Memory, you should ask why?

Why do some older people think that looking up information IS cheating

It could be that when they went to school they were taught via the ROTE Method:

“Rote learning is memorizing information so that it can be recalled by the learner exactly the way it was read or heard. The major technique used for rote learning is learning by repetition, based on the idea that a learner can recall the material exactly (but not its meaning) if the information is repeatedly processed. Rote learning is used in diverse areas, from mathematics to music to religion” From:

See Example:

From the Movie Ryans Daughter (1970) Set in Northern Ireland, August 1917 - January 1918

In the past ,when older people were tested, they were not allowed to look up, or have written down, or ask others the answers. That was considered CHEATING

Most Modern Teaching does not rely on ROTE Learning

Because of the advances that have been made in understanding how people learn, far less emphasis, in modern teaching, is put on Rote Learning. Especially for Adult Learners. See Adult Learning Principles

In Modern Society information that needs to be Known

In 1910, around 26% of Australia’s workforce was employed in agriculture production, by 2010, it was predicted to be less than 3% (Rayner Tan, & Ward, 2010; Australian Bureau of Statistics [ABS], 2001)

In 1910 very little information was required to be able to live. But that requirement has increased dramatically. Think of all that thing that did not even exist in 1910 that do today.

These are what is regarded as 21st century skills

NOTE: No Memorization

From :

It is therfore impossible for the average person to remember it all

Learning Modern Technology

  1. Doing so for Yourself
  2. You are not competing with others
  3. By having notes, looking up or using the technology, you are only advantaging yourself.
  4. You are not being tested

So you are NOT Cheating by looking thing up for yourself, rather than using your memory

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What a 1910 Artist thought Learning could be in 2000

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