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Email Videos

A selection of videos on Email from You-Tube on the Internet

How Email works

Client Vs. Web Mail


Not 100% accurate (Only need to watch the first 3 minutes, the rest is an Add)

Windows Live Mail - Overview (Only an overview, does not explain how to use it)

Send Email using Windows Live Mail

How to Handle Email in Windows Live Mail For Dummies

Attach a file to an email in Windows Live Mail

Backup Windows Live Mail and Contacts

Send your pictures in e-mail (This is sending it from Windows Picture viewer, you can also send them from your email program)

Bcc Field... Hotmail/Windows Live

How to add contacts to your Windows Mail Email

How to Get Started with Windows Live Mail For Dummies

Gmail Tutorial 2013 - Introduction & User Interface (Part 1)

Gmail Tutorial 2013 - Sending & Receiving Emails (Part 2)

Gmail Tutorial 2013 - Email Organization and Labels (Part 3)

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