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FREE Technology Training and Questions Answered

My name is Geoff Greig and I provide FREE technology training, mainly to seniors. I also help people out with technology, also for FREE. See also Ho am I

Why do I do it for FREE? Because im a self funded retiree and have no interest in charging people for the services I provide. I get a lot out of helping people use the latest technology.

How to contact me?

If you know how to via Email

Email Address:

My Zoom Meeting room:

Meeting ID: 403 440 7913 Passcode: 123456

My Land Line Phone Number is: 07 3800 5333

My Mobile Number is: 0411 487 246

Or 0490 958 347

Via Facebook: Facebook

Via my YouTube Channel: My YouTube Channel

Or if you see me around just stop and talk to me

Why you may be seeing a not secure WARNING

How I Do Training

I do technology training a number of ways, some using technology.

  1. In class rooms the traditional way. One on one or in groups
  2. At informal club get togethers
  3. At a local shopping food court
  4. Over the telephone
  5. Using YouTube SeeMy YouTube Channel
  6. Live online interactive (via various methods, like Zoom) See examples here See Zoom in contact methods above

If you want to learn about technology contact me via one of the above methods

Training Material

Here is a link to most of my training Material

Also here is a link to my old home page That has some of the old material that's not included in the above

Non Training Items

Other than doing computer training I also often write material or produce videos about other things. Click on the below link to see a list of them.

Non Training Items

Some special ones

Money, Why some poeple have it and other Dont

list of ways not to spend Money

Not Mine

NONE of anything I write BELONGS to me. Just like none of the letters words symbols or whatever I use to write what I write belongs to me or the air that I breath or things that I see belong to me. It belongs to everyone, civilisation, culture, society. But defiantly not me or any one or group of people. Intellectual property (monopoly) should not be owned. Any laws about making it owned are just wrong, morally, socially and economically.


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