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Smart Phones

Before you start here is a video on how to learn How to use a Smart Phone

Course Content

These are the notes for a Smart Phone course.

If you have plenty of download, I have put links to some videos I have found on the internet against this list of items:

In this course you may learn.

  1. - The different types and brands of of Smart phones
  2. - Some of the things you can do with a smart phone
  3. - The difference between Android phones an Iphones
  4. - The difference between looking at your phone vertically and horizontally
  5. - The cameras on your phone
  6. - Where the on and off button is on your phone
  7. - Where the volume up and down buttons are on your phone
  8. - How to Start an App
  9. - How to use the home button

Iphone: What you can learn Terminology

Go to BFS website and do the Online Tutorial on the Ipad about terminology and then see if how many of the below questions you can answer.

  1. - What are Apps? How do you start an App?
  2. - What is iOS? What does it do?
  3. - What is the difference between iOS and Android?
  4. - What is Geolocation and what is the consequences of allowing it?
  5. - What is an Accelerometer and what it is used for?
  6. - What are QR Code and what are they used for?
  7. - What are Pixels and of what relevance are they to a Iphone?
  8. - What is JPEG and what is ts significance to a Iphone?
  9. - What is YouTube and what is it used for on a Iphone?
  10. - What is Bandwidth and how does it relate to your use of a Iphone?
  11. - What is ICloud and what are its implications for your use of a Iphone?
  12. - What is Bluetooth and what is it used for on an Iphone?
  13. - What is 3G and what is it used for on a Iphone?
  14. - What is WiFi and what is it used for on a Iphone?
  15. - What is Google and how do you Google something on a Iphone

Android What you can learn: The Home screen

  1. - What is the Lock Screen and how do you use it?
  2. - What is the Home Screen and what do you do to be able to return to it?
  3. - What is a Widgit and how does it look different for other items on the Home screen?
  4. - What are icons on your home screen and what are they used for?
  5. - Where is the status bar on you phone? What does it show and what does each item mean?
  6. - What is the quick notification area and what is it used for?
  7. - What happens if you press the menu button on you phone? Why does it show different things on different Apps?
  8. - Where is the Back Button and what does it do and why does it do it?
  9. - How do you know which home screen you are on and move from one home screen to another?
  10. - How do you swap to see running Apps?
  11. - How do you close all running Apps?
  12. - What does it mean if there is a number of the edge of an icon on the home screen?
  13. - What are Group Icons and how are they different from normal icons?
  14. - How do you see all the Apps installed on your phone?
  15. - How do you add a App to the home screen?
  16. - How can you change the layout of your home screen?

What you can do with your Smart Phone (From the BFS Tutorials on Android)

  1. - Surf the Web
  2. - Communicate
  3. - Messaging
  4. - Email
  5. - Take Photos and Videos
  6. - Games
  7. - Scheduling
  8. - Watch Movies
  9. - Music
  10. - Ebooks
  11. - Read the news
  12. - Voice Notes
  13. - Utilities
  14. - Remote Control
  15. - Schedule Watch and Record TV
  16. - Banking
  17. - Research Holidays
  18. - Create Art
  19. - Navigation
  20. - Order Online
  21. - Take Notes
  22. - Edit and View Documents
  23. - Flashlight

And many more. Can you think of any more? It could be said that whatever you can do with a computer you can do with a smart phone because a smart phone is a computer. Actually a smart phone can do more than a desktop computer because it is not tethered to a power lead and modern smart phones have more built it hardware than a desktop computer.

More places to learn about how to use a smart phone

Again, here is a video that shows you how to learn how to use a smart phone

Here are some links to the American GCF site. Learnfree are a Not for Profit organisation that sell donated second hand cloths and with the proceeds develop computer training material that they offer free of charge over the internet.

Their training material for Android:

Their training material for Iphone:

Here are some links to tutorials on Android:

How To: Use Android Smartphones for Beginners:

New to Android - A Full Tutorial of the Droid OS for Beginners (tablet):

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