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Windows 7 Conversion

This course is designed to allow senior people who have basic skills in earlier versions of Microsoft Windows to lean how Windows 7 is different from those earlier versions and to be able to effectively use the new features in Windows 7.


To do this course it is assumed you have the necessary skills to use a previous versions of Microsoft Windows. In particular you are able to perform the fuctions as described Here

What are the new features in Windows 7

How to learn the new features

Read about it in the Window Help and Support. To do this click on the Start Icon and then click on Help and Support. Type “New in Windows 7” in the search box and press enter of click on the Search icon (Magnify glass)


Do a Google search on Windows 7 or whats new in Windows 7.

If you don't like reading, after you get your Google results, click on the You Tube link at the top of the page and you will be presented with links to You Tube videos on Windows 7

Video on desktop changes in Windows 7

If you don't know how to play, pause, re-start, stop, and go to a particular part on a You Tube video, then go to this Link It was written for using videos on Microsoft Word, but the concepts are the same

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