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Computer Training Videos Links

This is a list of categories for which I have found videos that can help in the learning process. Clicking on each link will take you to the page that has a list of videos by sub category. However in some cases it may take you to a training course on the subject that has links to videos within it.

Additionally here is a link to Google Hangouts of Live Online Training that I have done:

How to play the videos

Hear is a video I made on How to watch You Tube Videos on computer:

And a link to a playlist of 17 videos about using YouTube on phone:

And How to watch a training video and do what is shows at the same time

And a video on how to find good training vodeos

How Computers Work

Also Inside your Computer


Early Computing: Crash Course

Different between Analog and Digital Computers

Beginners course Videos (Excluding Windows 8)

Windows Explorer Videos - File & Folders - Copying (backing them up), Moving, Deleting them

Beginners Course for Windows 8

How to use the Internet Videos

How to use Email Videos

Digital Camera Workshop Videos

Word Beyond the Basics

Mobile Devices

Windows 7 Conversion

Windows 8 Conversion

Windows Live Movie Maker


Checking your internet usage when you are using Telstra

How to determine how much of your Internet you are using, independent of your ISP

Google Hangouts on Air for creating training Videos

How to use a Google Hangout on Air to make training Videos

Using Hangout on Air to Making Training Videos -Within the Hangout

Using Hangout on Air to Making Training Videos -Getting back to the recording

How to create them (Business Perspective)

Another video on how to set up Google Hangouts on Air

Open Office in landscape with headings and lines ruled across & down the page

Libra Office Global Search and Replace

How to Make Your Own Libre Office Impress Template

Bit Torrent - A faster way to download big files

Internet TV and the KODI Media centre Software - Home theater Software

Audio Problems in hangouts or Webinars

GIMP - Image and Photo editing

How to use Gimp - Basics

This Guy goes very fast, so you may need to pause and reposition the video a few times.

Gimp Tutorial: Layers - The Basics

GIMP- What does "Add Alpha Channel" mean? - tutorial

Gimp Tutorial - What is Alpha Channel

What is not stated in these videos about Alpha Channel is that they allow what is in the layers below them to be see because of the transparent/alpha part

Putting Text On A Path With GIMP

Means curving and bending text, on arcs curves, circles and the like

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