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Videos on how to use Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is the older version that came out with Windows XP and Vista, I think, and Windows Live Movie Maker came out with Windows 7 and Windows 8, I think.

Getting Started Tutorial - Windows Live Movie Maker

This one goes through a lot of thing very fast so you may want to pause it and slide back to see the explanations multiple times

Windows Live Movie Maker Quick Tutorial

It is quick because it does not cover very much. It does explain the differance between Windows Live Movie Maker and the earlier version ie Windows Movie Maker

It also shows: Adding Photos, Transition effects, Adding Text and Saving the Video.

Windows Live Movie Maker Tutorial 2011 Tricks & Tips & How to's

This person basicaly goes through the Ribbon menus left to right and show and explains what each one does

Splitting Video and Audio - Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker Tutorial #4: Edit Videos (Trim Cut, Split)

Video 101: Editing with Windows Live Movie Maker

This one quickly show how to get your videos from your camera

Windows Live Movie Maker - Use Slow Motion

How to Record Your Voice in Windows Live Movie Maker

Rather than do what is show in this video it may be easier to record the sound with your webcam which will record the video as well, and extract the audio from the video file as shown in the next video below

How To Extract Audio from Video Files using Windows® Movie Maker

This does not appear to work on the 2011 version of Windows Live Movie Maker

How to use Windows Live Movie Maker

This guy waffles on a bit and sais what can be done but often does not show how to do it

Windows Movie Maker

This is the old version of Movie maker, the video was uploaded in 2006

Windows Movie Maker Windows 7 2012 Tutorial Free & Easy

This is the older version called Windows Movie Maker

How to make a pro intro with Windows Movie Maker

Again this uses the older version, but the concepts can be applied to the later versions

The presenter tries to be humorous.

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