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All the words that I write or I say, are not mine. That is, every single word that I ever use has been said before. It's possible even the phrases that I use or say or write have been used before.

even if I do say or write something, that I think has never been said before, as we have no way of knowing, it does not mean that it belongs to me.

That is because, whatever I say is a consequence of my years of experience. That experience, can emply my contact with other people. if I had not been in contact with those people would I be able to say the same things that I now say? those people could be teachers, my parents, relatives, friends, or even people I don't know.

even if could have possibly lived my life without contact with other people, whatever I say, or for that matter, think, would be as a consequence of the non people experience. like being in a particular physical location. if I don't own the location, how can it be that what I say or think about, only belongs to me.

because of my genetics, what I think, say or write is based on my genetic background. where did I get that genetic background from. my parents, and they got it from their parents and so on. What every I write, say and think is partly based on my heredity.

the development of the means I use to produce all this is not mine. I did not produce or invent my phone, computer, internet access, software, electricity, food, buildings or land. Yet without it I could not have produced this.

all this is just to show my acknowledgement of all that has come before me. that makes me, me and gives me the ability to pass on what I pass on.

So thank you to all those, and that, that came before me

it also shows that unless a person pays for every piece of information knowledge, abilities or whatever that they have ever acquired, it is immoral that they should have the ability to say that they own, any intellectual property.

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