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Using Multiple Apps at the one time on Phones

This course is designed to show you how to use multiple apps at the one time on a phone.

Why would you want to?

A simple example. You having a conversation with somebody on your mobile phone. They ask you for some information like the telephone number of a friend or whatever. You have that information in your phone. But how to get it without hanging up and calling them back

Another example. You're reading something on a webpage , And you want something that's written on that web page to be include it in an email that you are writing, or you want to put a link to that web page in an email

And yet another. You're doing something on your phone and you want to do something else on your phone but do not want to lose the place you where at in your original function

What the course will cover

How To:

  1. explain what an app is
  2. explain the difference between and app and a widget
  3. start using an app. See also How many ways to start an app on a phone
  4. return to the home screen
  5. stop using an app
  6. see a list of recently used apps
  7. scroll through a list of recently used apps
  8. remove an item from the recently used apps screen
  9. explain why you do not need to close any apps and the implications of that
  10. start an app without returning to the home screen
  11. jump to the last used app without returning to the home screen, with only two touches
  12. return to an app that was started a few apps ago.
  13. precisely position on text in an app
  14. select text in an app.
  15. unselect text
  16. select all text
  17. copy text
  18. cut text
  19. paste text
  20. undo mistakes
  21. explain what can and cannot be copied and why
  22. (For those phones that support it) have two apps open on the screen at the one time
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