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How many ways are there to start or switch to an app on a phone

At least 22.

Here is, most likely an incomplete list of them:

  1. touch icon on home screen
  2. touch widget on home screen
  3. using a gesture
  4. touch on all apps screen
  5. touch item on previous used apps screen
  6. double tap on previous used icon
  7. touch item on notification screen
  8. touch item that is a link on a web page
  9. from within an app
  10. from the settings menu
  11. from a menu
  12. initiated on another network connected device
  13. automatically at a predetermined date and time
  14. automatically by the phones manufacturers (updates)
  15. Typing the apps name in a Search prompt
  16. By touching on a file in a explorer screen
  17. from a help screen
  18. from a batch file
  19. from a terminal screen
  20. via an event happening. eg's data changes, another program stops, a temperature is exceeded
  21. automatically when the phone starts
  22. by using your voice and saying what you want to do
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