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Playing YouTube videos on or via a Phone


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Video on this Introduction:

Some time ago I made a video of how to play YouTube videos. It was how to play YouTube videos on a computer.

Since then the world has changed a lot. I now hardly ever play a YouTube video on a computer.

I usually play it on my phone or control playing it via my phone with it being displayed on a big screen TV. Most videos look a hell of a lot better on a big screen TV.

These sessions are all about how to play a YouTube video on a phone.

I teach people how to use technology. The best way to do that is via an online meeting using something like a zoom. When that can't happen the second best way is via a video.

Technology is very screen intensive. Trying to learn from what someone just writes about technology is very difficult. Pictures make things better. Moving pictures with sound & audio explanation is better still.

Of course there's the big entertainment value of videos. They are much better than television.

But unfortunately like television they quite often have ads. But there are some ways of watching them without ads.

What I will cover

YouTube within Websites

When you are browsing the internet quite often you'll find videos.

Some of these are YouTube videos and some of them are not. Even though YouTube has more videos than any other place on the internet, it is not the only place for videos.

Some other popular video storage places are:

Vimeo Ted Talks

Of course Facebook and Twitter also have videos.

Often YouTube videos will start playing as soon as you enter some websites. They play in a small part of the website:


This is what is called an embedded link. Meaning that you basically stay on that particular website but the video plays in a small area of the website.

Depending on how the website has been set up, you may be able to do some things that you can otherwise do within the YouTube app. Some websites actually allow you go from there website to YouTube via the YouTube app.

Some websites do not allow you to do anything at all. Like even stop playing or pause the video. Typically these are video advertisements.

More often YouTube videos get played by your phone starting the YouTube app and playing the video.

This is just a standard link no different to clicking on any other link on a web page.

If you look closely and are quick you may see the YouTube logo appear before the video starts playing.

You need to appreciate that whilst the video is playing you are in the YouTube app, and not in the browser (World wide web internet) whilst the video is playing.

In some cases when you exit the video or the video finishes playing, you may not be returned to the web page you came from. You may find yourself at the YouTube app home screen

This is a marketing ploy by YouTube to induce you to stay with in YouTube and not go to other web sites. The longer they can keep you in YouTube the more advertisements they can present to you so they make more money. Something that television stations for been doing for years.

Be aware if you are in the YouTube app or are browsing the internet. Internet browsers work completely different to the YouTube app

Not use YouTube app

If you uninstall or disable the YouTube app you can still use YouTube within your internet browser.

Although against YouTube conditions of service, it is also possible to view YouTube videos with other apps. Such as Newpipe:

What is presented when you first start YouTube and why

From a web browser

Imbedded link

If you touched a link on a web page that had a YouTube video associated with it, that video should be presented within the page that you were are on.

Other than the video itself, some YouTube controls maybe shown. This is completely dependent on how the website concerned has been designed.

Non embedded link

In this case you will be presented with the YouTube app.

From the YouTube app

If you touch the YouTube logo icon from your phone's home screen, whatever was the last thing that you were looking at when you last finished using the YouTube app, should be displayed on the screen.

What is presented on the YouTube app screen will be different for each user. This is because YouTube keeps record of what YouTube videos you have previously watched,together with other information that Google has collected about you and presents what it feels is applicable to you.

How to get help in using it

You can get help in using YouTube by doing a Google search on “help on using YouTube”

Functions available whilst playing a video and why you would use them

Depends which mode you are in. Partial or full screen mode.

In partial screen mode the video will not take up the whole phones screen

Finding a specific video

If you know the exact name of the video you're looking for then it's relatively easy to find.

Just use the search function with in YouTube

However if it's only something that you previously saw or what someone said in a video then it can be difficult to find that video. It can be even more difficult if there is no talking in the video.

With some videos, Google convert the talking to text and I think, but I'm not sure, that they actually index the video based on what was said, meeting you can search for what was said.

Personally I find it easier sometimes to find videos by doing a general Google search rather than a search within YouTube.

If you use a Google search, once you get the results you can change it to show results only for videos.

If the video you are looking for, you have played before, it should be in your YouTube history.

Use YouTube to learn Technology


  1. Start YouTube
  2. Get into the YouTube search function
  3. Enter something about the technology you wish to learn, together with the words like,learn how to or learning or how to
  4. start playing the video
  5. if you dont understand what the video is explaining pause the video and go back to step 1 and choose a different video
  6. pause the video at an appropriate point
  7. switch to the app or function that you are wanting to learn
  8. try doing what was explained or demonstrated in the video
  9. switch back to the YouTube app
  10. if you were able to do what the video showed move on to the next part of the video and repeat steps 4 to 9
  11. if you were not able to do what the video said, rewind the video to the point that you did not understand and repeat steps 4 to 9 or chose a different video starting again at step 1

What you can use YouTube for

As a reciever of information

  1. For entertainment
  2. To Learn Technology
  3. To Learn how to do virtually anything
  4. For virtual Travel
  5. To watch free to air TV
  6. To watch live events
  7. To watch previous run Webinars
  8. To watch Music Videos
  9. To listen to Music

As a creator of information

  1. To create training videos
  2. To show others how to do something
  3. To keep in contact with relatives and Friends
  4. To show what you did on your holidays
  5. To send Birthday or other event greetings
  6. As a virtual present
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