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Based on the latest network partner newsletter I got from Good things foundation, I went to have a look at the New topic, Wi-Fi.

I appreciate that it is difficult to cover all things for beginners. But I don't feel that means that it is ok to provide wrong information.

On the getting WiFi in your home slide is written “ To get Wi-Fi at home, you first need to purchase an internet connection from a provider like Telstra or Optus.”

This is stating that you need to have an Internet connection to be able to use Wi-Fi. Which is 100% wrong. You can have WiFi without an internet connection. You can purchase a router without an Internet connection and use Wi-Fi to transfer information between devices. You do not even need to have a router per se. A mobile phone can be used as a router and you can transfer information between devices using only the mobile phone set up as a router. A mobile phone set up this way can actually be a web server, serving web pages without the internet. It basically becomes a Wi-Fi intranet.

I know some people may think I'm being a bit pedantic. And that would be difficult to explain the difference to a complete beginner. To overcome this, when I do my training or produce any training material I usually put in the words “ usually” or “normally”, Because there are so many exceptions to what is normal. So if I was writing the above sentence, I would have written “To get WiFi at home usually, but not always, you would need to purchase an Internet connection”. That way you're not leading complete beginners down the incorrect path in the longer term,

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