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Who uses the windows functions of Windows

The original concept of Microsoft Windows was to allow users to operate on more than one programme and window at the same time. However, my observations are that very few people utilise the windows function of windows. I notice that most people only have a maximised window on the screen at any one time, even though they may be operating multiple programs.

And even fewer people, use Multi Document Interface (MDI). That is where multiple documents can be open in one application or where multiple views of the one document can be seen.

I have noticed that a lot of new applications tend to use tabs rather than Multi Document Interface. Although tabs have their advantages, as a general rule, they do not allow you to see the contents of each tab at the same time.

Other than a lack of knowledge as to how to operate multiple windows, a possible reason people do not use them is because modern software tends to take up so much space within a window that very little space is left to work in. A window title, menu bar, toolbar and status bar take up quite a bit of space on every window.

The new operating systems that were originally designed to run on mobile phones and now also run on tablet computers do not have windows and tend to be, because of a lack of screen real estate, a lot more efficient in what is displayed. So in the future will windows in windows disappear?

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