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Your own website vs emails and social media

Problem with Emails

If you send an email and then later on realise you wanted to say something else or add something to the email or remove something, you cant. all you can do is send another email. that creates what is called a data redundancy problem. the original email is redundant. but still exists.

Problems with Social Media

although with some social media such as Facebook you can edit or remove a previous post, you are not fully in control of that process. like deleting a social media Post may make it so that other social media readers can't see it, but the social media organisation still has a copy of it. with social media you do not get to choose where and when your post will show up. after a period of time you may not be able to get back to your previous posts, such that they become lost to you

you also have no control of the structure of the social media site. they control the structure to optimise their profit not for your benefit. that means obviously advertisements and putting your post in the order that is a greatest benefit to them. which may not be what you want

Benefits of own Website

but if you have your own website. you can send an email with a link to a webpage, and then later change that web page or even delete it. you can have links to other pages that you rite, which are completely controlled by yourself. and the order in which these links appear. you can rearrange your website whenever you want. the structure of it is completely up to you. by using headers and footers, banners, pictures layout forms and the like. it's possible to completely change the appearance of the website with very little effort.

another benefit is that you do not have to finish the website in one go. it can be a process over a long period of time. just like this page is not completed at the moment.

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Free own websites

Free Hosting

Own Hosting on Own server

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