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Virtual Presents

What are they?

Virtual presents only exist digitally. They do not exist in the physical world. Typically they are either emailed or a link to them, is emailed to the recipient.

It appears you can even virtually wrap your virtual gifts.

In reality, virtual gifts are basically knowledge and time, both of which can be extremely valuably. There is a perception anything not physical does not have a value. Yet basically some of the world's largest corporations consist of nothing more than knowledge combined with time, for example Facebook and Google.

Why virtual gifts?


  1. The old saying is it's the thought that counts. If that is true then there is no need to give a physical gift.
  2. More thought can be put into giving virtual gifts than physical gifts.
  3. Virtual gifts can cost nothing other than your time
  4. They do not have to be physically acquired
  5. They are easily created yourself
  6. They can be more easily tailored to a persons requirements
  7. Because they use less or no physical resources, they are environmentally friendly
  8. They take up no physical storage space
  9. They do not have to be maintained.
  10. They do not have to be disposed of
  11. They can be used over and over again
  12. They do not have to be transported
  13. They can be given instantaneously to virtually any person in the world
  14. You can send them to deceased persons
  15. You do not have to hand write or even type to give them. You can use voice recognition to type for you
  16. You can give the same one to multiple people
  17. There is no limitation as to how many you can give or to how many people you can give them to


  1. People expect something physical
  2. They are perceived to have no value
  3. They can require more thought
  4. If creating them yourself, they can take some time to create

List of possible virtual presents

All those shown for free no doubout can also be purchased

  1. Photo of someone
  2. A photo of someone digitally enhanced or distorted
  3. A collage of photos of the person.
  4. A group of photos as a person ages
  5. Photo of something
  6. A photo with your personal creative efforts
  7. A self created video
  8. A Drone video over a person's house
  9. A video of the persons life (This is your life)
  10. Text and pictures of the persons life
  11. The genealogy of the person
  12. A YouTube Play list of YouTube videos you created See:
  13. A YouTube Play list of YouTube videos the person may like See:
  14. A link to a list of free software the person may like (copy and paste them into an email or any document)
  15. A link to bulk Auto installer of free software.
  16. A link to web pages the person may like (copy and paste them into an email or any document)
  17. A link to interactive web based applications the person may like Eg. Spirograph Simulators, Coloring Book Simulators, Lego Simulators
  18. A link to free web based training courses the person may like eg
  19. A full Digital copy of a newspaper or magazine at the persons birthdate eg
  20. A domain name (They cost) eg
  21. A Digital calendar eg
  22. Free magazines, Zino for Libraries eg.
  23. Free virtual library books to borrow egs and Brisbane City Libraries
  24. Free library membership (lookup your Local Library online)
  25. Music you create eg.
  26. Digital work you do for someone Some examples of what could be done
  27. Free membership to a web site
  28. The knowledge of how, when, where and why, of anything (Search for it with Google or Wikapedia and provide the links)
  29. A Digital birthday or greeting card Eg.
  30. Advise eg How to manage Money
  31. Money see Anarchy Currancy
  32. This Document
  33. Time (The one virtual thing you can not in reality give)
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