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Unsecure ,The Right to be

today I started my Mozilla Thunderbird email program and got a message to say that my password was wrong. I know it was not wrong because I've been through this situation before. because I have not used Thunderbird email for quite some time, I now use email on my phone more than my computer, Google, in there was wisdom, have changed ther setting “allow unsecured applications”. apparently they feel because I have not used Thunderbird email for some time that it is a security vulnerability and they want to stop it.

as it is their service I guess they have the right to do that.

Emphasis on Security

because we live in a very much moreish, materialistic society, it would seem that it is naturally assumed, that everybody wants to have all ther information secure. like you can't do internet banking unless you use it in a secure fashion as dictated by the banks. you're not allowed to have online government accounts unless it's secured the way the government want you to secure it. insurance companies will reject an insurance claim if you have not secured your house physically. and you can be prosecuted for not locking your car. not sure about your house though.

what if you don't want security

security of thoughts

security of information your given

security of information you happen to get

security of employment information

moral information security

Employment Security

Security Laws

it seems there are a lot of laws about security. by writing this I might be even breaking some of them.

the bigger picture

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