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Traffic Lights

Whilst reserching this I found some great graphics that infure that traffic lights are poping up like trees


Revealed: how long you really spend waiting at traffic lights

Traffic lights cause more harm than good

Declutter your streets

Yet another UK Article suggesting that removing painted lines signs and Traffic Lights could improve safety and traffic flow

“Most road clutter has been installed piecemeal with little empirical justification, even traffic lights. “There has never been comprehensive research to demonstrate the benefits of traffic signals, either in the context of safety or traffic flow,” observes Hamilton-Baillie. “But there have been a number of studies to show they have minimal or even negative effect on traffic safety, in spite of the tens of millions spent by highway authorities each year on their installation and maintenance.”


This guy admits to deliberately going through red lights, but only when it is safe to do so.

Im in no way suggesting that anyone should do what this guy does. But it does make you think. Is breaking traffic laws being unsafe?

The Benefits of Retiming Traffic Signals

This paper give the benefits of retiming traffic lights but does not go to the next level of researching the benefits of having traffic lights.

The below link no longer exists:

But I have found another one

The antiquated way in which Traffic Lights operate

Roundabouts Vs Traffic Lights

A possible way of getting Traffic Lights Data

A Future without Traffic Lights

What it could be like without traffic lights

What a driverless world would look like

The simple solution to Traffic

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