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Is technology too complicated for the average person?

Almost. For senior people that do not have the reading ability to live in a modern Society, definitely . That's over 70% of them.

Information technology

Take something simple like browsing the internet.

The complications are:

Are you doing it on a?

  1. - PC
  2. - Mac
  3. - Android phone
  4. - I phone
  5. - iPad
  6. - Within a browser (which one)
  7. - Within an app (which one)
  8. - Within a mobile web page
  9. - Within a phone browser allowing switching to a desktop version of the web page.

Because chances are they may all handle the web page concerned, different ways.

Even if it may be only how you go from one page to the next or open tabs within the browser.

As an example, assume you are using Facebook on a PC. And have it set up as a favourite, which is the terminology that Microsoft use, or a bookmark, which is the terminology that Google use. What functions do you use to get to the bookmark. Assuming the same thing on an iPad or iPhone. What icon do you touch to bring up the bookmarks, or is it favourites. Actually it also depends on what version of OIS you are using. Then it's different again on an Android device.

Again using Facebook, say on a phone or tablet. You don't know how to do something so you open up a new tab go to Google and type in a question to find find out how to do it. You read the answer. It tells you to go to a particular screen or function that you can't find on your device. That's because the answer has been written assuming you're using the Facebook app but in actual fact you're not. You're using the Facebook website.

But the problem is not just limited to to Facebook. Anytime you can do things either on a webpage or via an app there is confusion as to which way to do it. So all the Google apps provide the same problem.

There are some things that can only be done on a desktop version of a website, which to an end user don't appear to be any different to the app version.

But then there are phone web browsers, such as Google Chrome that allow information to be displayed as if it were on a desktop version of a website. But then there's some functionality that web sites do not allow when used on a phone. Is that indicated anywhere. Usually not. It just doesn't work. Leaving the end user totally confused as to why it doesn't work.

Yet the technology exist to tell the web servers what device, browser, an app that is being used.

It seems we have a long way to go to make the technology seamless to the end user. The technology is too complicated but it doesn't have to be so.

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