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Subaru Digital Particle Filter (DPF) Issues

Bought Car 2nd hand in ??? with about 160,000 Kms on it. Bought it to tow caravan. Told Diesels better for that.

Read manual about DPF that basically said if the DPF light comes on the drive in a lower Gear. And if it starts flashing take it to a Subaru Dealer

When It did I drove in 5th instead of 6th. It did go off.

Round Aust. Came on onces so I drove in 5th for while it want off

2017 Winter (June July) the DPF came on, regardless of driving in 5th Stayed on and then started flashing Local Mechanic reconed neede to do a oil change and reset the Oil Dilution Indicator. Did DPF light went out

Dec 2017

Towed caravan to Melb Part way light on then flahing. Got brother in law machanic to look it. He done other Sub DPF with varing success, pulled if of and washed out. Inside disintegrated

Posted on webcam data takes 13 minutes to burn from 80% down to 0. 14/12019

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