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speech recognition on a phone

I have been using speech recognition on and off, for now over 20 years. More recently, more so on a my mobile phone.

I was wondering whether it's faster to do it on my phone then it is on my laptop.

I'm too lazy to sit down and do a comparison and why reinvent the wheel, so I looked it up in Google and found this:

Unfortunately it's not a fair comparison because on the computer people were using the keyboard whereas on the phone they were using voice recognition.

But the bottom line was that using the phone was 3 times faster than using the computer.

The reason I find it easier to use a phone is cause my phone is always with me. I just pull it out of my pocket get into the appropriate app press the microphone on the keyboard and start talking. It works with any app where you can enter text.

Whereas to use voice recognition on my computer I have to either start Windows voice recognition, which only works with specific other programs or use Google Docs text to speech. In both cases if I want the text in some other application or program I have to copy and paste it to the program. All this takes time.

I've also found that the Android speech recognition is far more accurate than either the Microsoft or Google Docs apps that are on computers.

Microsoft with one of those Windows 10 updates promised to build in the Cortana speech recognition technology into the virtual keyboard. That would be a great advance. I have yet to see that happened yet. Perhaps it has and it's just I haven't seen it.

Many years ago I used to teach people how to touch type. Touch typing is using a keyboard without looking down at your fingers. It would take over 10 hours to teach people to type at 40 words a minute with about 80% accuracy. In five minutes I can teach somebody how to use voice recognition, on a phone, so that they can type at over 100 words a minute with about that same, if not better, accuracy.

On doing a Google search, I see there are still a lot of organisations charging for typing courses. Although there also a lot that offer free online courses. And one, I found it allows you to certify your typing speed and accuracy.

Wonder if they let you do it by voice recognition?

Also wonder how long it will be before there are no such things as typing courses?

If you cannot find a microphone on the keyboard of your phone, next time you see me let me know and we'll see if we can get it working for you. And then we can spend 5 minutes showing you how to use speech recognition on your phone.

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