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Audit of Smart Phone Skills

list of knowledge and skills you may or may not have in relation to using a smartphone.

written specifically for Android phones but some may be applicable to iPhones.


Do you know:

  1. what a smartphone is
  2. what a computer is
  3. what a desktop computer is
  4. what a laptop computer is
  5. what an iPhone is
  6. what an Android phone is
  7. the difference between a tablet and a phone
  8. the difference between a landline phone and a mobile phone
  9. the difference between non smartphone and a smartphone
  10. what gestures are
  11. what a SIM card is
  12. what are micro SD card is
  13. what an app is
  14. what a widget is
  15. the names given to each of the appropriate screens
  16. what effects settings have
  17. what a web browser is

Physical Device

Do you know how to:

  1. switch on your smartphone
  2. switch off your smartphone
  3. switch the screen on an off
  4. turn the volume up and down
  5. charge your smartphone
  6. install and change SIM cards
  7. install and change a micro SD card
  8. use your phone's fingerprint recognition


Do you know how to:

  1. hold your phone without touching the screen
  2. touch the screen
  3. long touch the screen
  4. swipe the screen
  5. swipe a specific part of the screen
  6. slide on the screen
  7. pinch the screen in and out
  8. multi finger gestures
  9. shake the phone
  10. rotate the phone
  11. place the phone face down
  12. use the phone's camera to perform functions
  13. use the phone's finger sensor to perform functions
  14. tap the phone on other devices
  15. use the back, home and recently used buttons

do you know what the result of using the above gestures will be?

Phone Calls

do you know how to

  1. answer an incoming call
  2. not answer an incoming call
  3. dial a phone number
  4. make a phone call using contacts
  5. make a phone call from within an app using the displayed number
  6. answer a call while within another call
  7. make a call while within another call
  8. combined Calls
  9. disconnect individuals from a conference call
  10. use other apps whilst in a call

lock screen

do you know how to

  1. unlock your phone
  2. lock your phone
  3. use functions from the lock screen
  4. set lock screen security functions
  5. display contact information on lock screen in case phone is lost

home screens

do you know how to

  1. move through home screens
  2. start apps from the home screen
  3. return to the home screen
  4. move items on a home screen
  5. move items to other home screens
  6. remove items from home screens
  7. add items to a home screen
  8. the difference between apps and widgets
  9. uninstall apps from the home screen
  10. determine which home screen you are viewing

notification screen

do you know how to

  1. open the notification screen
  2. close the notification screen
  3. go from the notification screen to the app that provided the notification
  4. remove individual items from the notification screen
  5. remove all items from the notification screen
  6. stop app notifications appearing

recently used app screen

do you know how to

  1. switch to the recently used app screen
  2. exit the recently used app screen
  3. switch to recently used app
  4. quickly jump to the last used app
  5. close an item on the recently used app screen
  6. close all items on the recently used app screen


do you know how to

  1. get to the settings screen
  2. exit the setting screen
  3. move through settings screens
  4. find particular settings

quick settings

do you know how to

  1. open the quick settings screen
  2. close a quick setting screen
  3. use a quick setting
  4. add an item to a quick setting screen
  5. rearrange items on the quick setting screen
  6. remove an item from list quick setting screen

filing functions

do you know how to

  1. access your phone's built-in file system
  2. access your phone's file system app
  3. find files
  4. create files
  5. create folders
  6. copy and move files and folders
  7. delete files and folders
  8. move and copy files and folders to other devices and the cloud

keyboard usage

do you know how to

  1. activate the keyboard
  2. close the keyboard
  3. correct typing mistakes
  4. type capital letters
  5. type numbers and symbols
  6. type emoticons
  7. switch to a different language
  8. select text
  9. copy and move text
  10. past text.
  11. use glide typing
  12. switch to voice typing
  13. use a different keyboard
  14. use computer keyboard functions like Ctrl,Alt, Home,End page up page down and arrow keys

voice control

do you know how to

  1. activate voice control
  2. deactivate voice control
  3. use your voice to perform certain functions
  4. determine which functions can be used with voice control

voice keyboarding

do you know how to

  1. activate voice typing
  2. deactivate voice typing
  3. start using voice typing
  4. stop using voice typing
  5. use voice typing to put in punctuation
  6. edit using voice typing
  7. find out the functions of voice typing

web browsing

do you know how to

  1. start a web browser
  2. stop a web browser
  3. key in a web address
  4. search for something
  5. scroll through a webpage
  6. go from links in a webpage
  7. go back to the previous webpage
  8. go forward to where you came back from
  9. go to a recently used web page
  10. call up a list of browsing history
  11. go to a page in the history listing
  12. bookmark a webpage
  13. go to a bookmarked webpage
  14. create bookmark folders
  15. go to another web page with our closing existing one (tabs)
  16. see a list of opened tabs
  17. go to a open tab
  18. close an existing tab
  19. close all tabs
  20. download files
  21. upload files
  22. use incognito mode
  23. reload the current web page
  24. show the settings for the current web page
  25. change the way your browser currently operates
  26. sync to other services or devices
  27. open pages in non mobile mode
  28. search within a page
  29. share the current page via another app
  30. copy the current pages web address (URL)
  31. edit the current page address
  32. add the current page to the homescreen as an icon
  33. select text on a page
  34. copy text from a page
  35. search on selected text within a page
  36. search based on an image
  37. download an image within a page


do you know how to

  1. start the camera app
  2. stop using the camera app
  3. take a photo
  4. review the lasts taken photo or video
  5. delete the last taken photo or video
  6. start recording a video
  7. stop recording a video
  8. use the various flash modes
  9. use the various picture taking modes
  10. install different camera apps
  11. set the size and quality of videos and images
  12. switch between the front and rear camera
  13. share photos and videos via other apps

App installation

do you know how to

  1. install apps
  2. uninstall apps
  3. find apps to install
  4. disable an app
  5. enable an app
  6. force stop an app
  7. find information about an app


do you know what

  1. data is
  2. how your phone works
  3. how your phone use its battery
  4. developer options are and how to use them
  5. what apps can possibly do

see how many things can a smartphone can replace

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