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Viewing/Reading on a Screen Vs Paper

Screen vs. paper: what is the difference for reading and learning?

The above paper examines the difference between reading and learning when reading on screens compared to on paper.

The conclusion is that practically, there is little or no difference but there is a perceived different. It was noted that for older people with not good eyesight, because of the possibility high contrast of screen reading, assuming it is know how to be adjusted, that screen reading could be easier.

The authors noted that the potential benefits of screen reading were often not able to be utilized because in most situations the screen version was exactly the same as the paper version. When the screen version was enhanced by creating multiple web pages that did not require scrolling, linking dictionary definitions into the text, and test questions directly next to the material related to the questions, students results improved by 90% or higher.

As teachers of seniors of technology, the take away of this is that where possible we should not write text notes that are printed on paper but instead should create web pages with appropriate links to dictionary definitions and test questions in amongst the material, to enable students to get the best possible learning experience.

Making it easier to read screen-based text

In the meantime here are some things that can be done to make it easier to read screen-based text.

  1. - Show the student how to zoom in and out on text, we're such a function is available
  2. - Explain what word wrap is and the consequence for reading
  3. - Where zooming of text is not possible show student how to copy and paste text into a zoomable application
  4. - Show student how to copy and post text into search engines, to obtain definitions of words.
  5. - Show students how to copy and paste text into applications that do text to speech
  6. - Show students how to copy and paste text to be able to form questions based on the text and then put those questions into a search engine.
  7. - Show students how to follow links on web pages, move backward through links jump to specific links, use link history and utilise tabs on web browsers
  8. - Show students how to search for text within a web page

Professional development for teachers tutors

Teachers and tutors should be given access to free open source web page creation tools that are easy to use to create web pages that enhance students learning abilities in reading screen-based text. Ideally they should be Wiki based.

Teachers tutors should be given professional development in the utilisation of the above.

Moving Pictures

You can not watch moving pictures on paper. But you can on a screen. And can add talking as well.

Often it can be faster and easier to make a video then create a web page.


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