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Some videos of a Scammer trying to Scam me

Phone Scam Telstra & Event Viewer

How to Waste Scammers time

Why they exist and where they come from

How some knowledgable people scam the scammers

What action is being taken against them

How they get value out of Gift Cards

How scammers use Spoofed Numbers

Scammer phone calls can come from any phone number because the scammers use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) which gives them the ability to set any phone number as the calling number. thats called phone number spoofing. the scammers change the spoofed numbers regularly so it's almost useless blocking numbers. the scammers have often been scammed themself by scammers pretending to be offering technical support or call centre jobs. as long as these scammed unemployed people need money and a few people get caught by scammers we will all continue to get scammer calls. we have had 5 in one day.

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