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Road Revenue Cameras

All Governments insist that Speed cameras are only for safety reasons.

Based on the number of people caught speeding by speed cameras and the amount collected, over the ten year period ending in 2018 it would appear that on average more than all drivers 170% see below, are driving unsafe

Based on the number of road accidents, I dont believe that speed cameras are only used for safety reasons.

Hence I suggest that you contact your local state politicians and ask that they change the signage on speed cameras to reflect reality.

Suggested change in signage for Queensland:

Signage changes for Queensland Government

Speed camera Statistics

For the 10 year period ending in 2008 5,723,803 people received speed camera infringement notices. In that same time period ther where on average 3,365,826 licenced drivers in Queensland. On average 170% of them received a speed camera infringement notice.

Data Sources:Accumulation from Department of Transport and Main Roads Annual reports 2009-10 to 2018-19

Road fatality statistics

based on the criteria set in the below report, speeding is likely to drop off as a major characteristic of fatalities, as is only just over 20%, which is the criteria drop off point.

alcohol and drugs at 48% are almost two and a half times more of a major characteristic in road fatalities compared to speeding.

from a political point of view I would suggest it's easier to automate the prosecution of speeding than it is the offence of drink/drug driving

“Major characteristics The major characteristics of the Queensland road toll during 2018 were:

  • involving drivers/riders who disobey road rules – 146 fatalities (or 59.6%)
  • alcohol/drug related crashes – 118 fatalities (or 48.2%)
  • involving senior adult drivers/riders (aged 60 years or over) – 74 fatalities (or 30.2%)
  • involving young adult drivers/riders (aged 16 to 24 years) – 61 fatalities (or 24.9%)
  • involving heavy freight vehicles – 53 fatalities (or 21.6%)
  • involving speeding drivers/riders – 50 fatalities (or 20.4%).

Please note that for the purposes of this report, major characteristics of fatalities within Queensland have been defined as characteristics representing at least 20% of all fatalities during 2018.”


Really serious about stopping speeding

if governments were really serious about stopping people exceeding speed limits they would force the collection of all GPS data from all mobile phones and automatically issued penalty notices based on the data. however this would be unpalatable because most people would be receiving penalty notices and there would be a gigantic public backlash.

how accurate are speed cameras

Wikipedia page on speed cameras

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