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From a internet dictionary:

redundancy /rɪˈdʌnd(ə)nsi/

noun the state of being not or no longer needed or useful. “the redundancy of 19th-century heavy plant machinery”

Ther are lots of things that are redundant. But why?

perhaps because most people don't like change ,that to stop using anything that is redundant would require a change. Or it is just habit and it's easier to continue with the habits than to change.

Or it could even be that rendunent things are being done with realising it. See 5 monkey principal

List of some Redundant items

  1. - Writing a person's name at the beginning of the body of an e-mail
  2. - Putting your name at the end of the body of an email
  3. - Putting a full stop at the end of and a capital letter at the start of a sentenance.
  4. - Double letters in spelling.
  5. - Silent letters in Spelling
  6. - In spelling some words that have the same sound but have different meaning spelt different ways, when the vast majority of words have multiple meanings
  7. - The CC function in emails
  8. - Multiple levels of Government
  9. - Rekeying something when you can copy and post it
  10. - Bulk typing on a keyboard when you can use voice recognition

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