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Personal Lookup

Video showing how it works:

Allows you to lookup, basically phone records in any way.


  • By phone number
  • By Address
  • By Name
  • By Suburb

eg. can put in a street name and it will give a list of people that have a non silent number in that street. Good for finding out who else live in your street.

I dont no why the site exists as ther does not seem to be any advertising on it so I dont no how they make money from it. No details on the site as to why it exists. Not sure about the source or accuracy of the data.

Accouding to this site : is owned by : John Rolland (DATAMETRIC PTY. LTD.) The DATAMETRIC PTY. LTD website : says “We are a small team of engineers and data scientists dedicated to helping you develop a competitive edge by better understanding your company data. ”

look like they provide the personallookup site to demonstrate what they are capable of doing.

Other than it only proving a screen full of names at a time you can copy and paste the details into something else like a spreadsheet and build up a small data base. Like I did for all the entries in my suburb and was able to sort them into street order after manipulating the data a bit.

See Also: Sands & McDougall’s Directories

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