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Participants Profiles Intermediate Course February/March 2009

Please click on the “Edit this page” button above then below your name write, your Email address , a bit about yourself, what knowledge you have of computers, including other training courses you have done and what you hope to achieve in doing this course.

When you have finished click on the Save button

Queenie Newman iv done the babys internet course with Greig .I hope to be able to find out things on the net .

Lenore O'Neill Beginners course. .Very limited knowledge. My aim is to be able to sort out my own computer problems instead of having to call on my son or grandchildren for help.

James O'Neill BEGINNERS COURSE becourse of trouble have not been able to do .Now a pensioner,previously public service.

Jenny Harris I like to lean more that is why Did the internet course but have learned nothing So I would like the do the course again.

Harry Edwardson

 I completed the beginner's course 
 Seeking further knowledge 
 I had a fair knowledge of the subjects but required clarification.

Marie Kirk

I am doing this course to hopefully learn about “WORD” I have done Geoff's internet class.

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