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Participants Profiles Intermediate Course August/September 2008

Please click on the “Edit this page” button above then below your name write , a bit about yourself, what knowledge you have of computers, including other training courses you have done and what you hope to achieve in doing this course.

When you have finished click on the Save button

Joanne Stiffler

I've just completed Geoff's Beginners Course which has helped me understand the workings and process of the computer, for a few years I have been using the internet for emails and web sights. Now I have a laptop I want to be able to use it to store all my personal files, entertainment games etc. in general the more I know about the uses of computers the more I will be able to do. attended 15/8/08

Email address -

Francis McGarraghy

what do know about computers, know how to get on internet great on it,do web cam and get in all sort sights and have a lot fun. My Email

Bev Grace

I have owned computers for several years, have never really had lessons, so am not actually a beginner, but need help to get more informatioin from the computer. I would like to be able to get my photos to the computer. I would like to be able to download more information from e-mails, I often get stuck trying to receive some information from the e-mails.

 I have downloaded adobe reader but I can't seem to use it. 
I would like to get google earth on my  computer, how do I do this? 
 I don't know how to use windows explorer. 
I'm not too good with c.d.'s 

My e-mail address is -

Audrae Jordinson

Bernie Tucker

to much to wite about self

KNow how switch on and off start programs use nero ulead9, can use mouse dont no my computer no how to use stert

want to learn b

bring photos in making them with music movies attended 15/08/08

Dixon Corbett

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