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Information I found about the NBN

Hi I’m Phil Britt, the Managing Director of Aussie Broadband

Same ISP but on Whirlpool

Classification of NBN users

NBN users seem to cluster around a few use cases :

  • There's the gamer, who's all about evening ping times
  • The streamer, who's about consistent bandwidth, again in the evening
  • The worker, who might need to upload lots fast during the day, but generally doesn't care too much about speed, just reliability
  • The torrenter, who wants volume, and nobody spying
  • The granny, who would be happy with a piece of string, providing the complexity were removed

NBN Point of Interconnect (POI) Checker- Aussie Broadband

List of NBN Points of Interconnect (POI)

Australian Exchange Guide v3.0

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