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Kodak 1 TB Drive 1988

This is a photo of Kodak's 1 TB Jukebox Optical disk drive they first introduced in 1988. The black area on the left panel is the door handle and that left panel is the size of a normal room door. That is so that people can get into the drive to load the 200 od 16“ optical disks. At the time, as you can read from the article below, it was the worlds largest storage device of it type.

Basically it was the size of a very small room and used a robot arm to unload and load the 16” write once read many optical disks. That Disk changing process could take 30 od seconds.

At the time PC disk drives where around 300 MB Note Megabyte not Gigabyte.

The article from Info World of 16 March 1987

Considering that a 1 TB 2.5“ external hard drive will fit in the palm of your hand and all the I TB of date is all ways almost instantly available to read and write to and from, you can see how far we have come in with storage.

Although the US $700,000 price quotes for a full document imaging system it will give you some idea of the price of the drive and how relatively inexpensive storage is today

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