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Index to all your own information

Once you start to accumulate information on your computing devices it can become difficult to remember where you stored it. Now with emails and cloud computing (part of which is the ability to store information not on your devices) it can be difficult to remember where something is stored.

It will be great if you had an index to everything.

The world wide web part of the internet is virtually an index. When you do a search on Google it finds what you're looking for. But you can create your own private index so long you store your emails on the internet.

If you view and create your emails via a web browser, as opposed to using an email program or app, every email has a unique web page address. Which you can copy and refer to in another email.

See Don't to copy text, Photos, videos

As well as Using email for other than email

And possible Using the same app more than once on a phone

You can create a Draft email that refers to all your other Draft/note emails.

You can have it in any order that you want. Alphabetically, chronologically or whatever.

You can even have headings, bold text or whatever to separate categories.

Like this:


Advance item

Achive item




…. and so on

You can even have index emails that referred to other index emails or web pages.

The benefit of all this is you would have all your information indexed and accessible anywhere you have access to the internet. In the case of a mobile phone, that would mean in your pocket.

If you want more elaborate solutions you can also use some cloud applications, like Google Docs.

If you don't understand any of this or want to know how to do it, contact me.

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