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Exodus from the Hyperdome

The comments made by Darren Powell about retailers closing down at the Hyperdome Shopping Centre goes to show that councillors are overstepping their mark. In a free market economy, if we do have one, how retailers make business decisions has nothing to do with local councils. I was under the impression we employ local councillors to make decisions about council matters. Commerce is not a matter I expect councils to be involved in. Perhaps I'm wrong. It may be a good idea if counsellors indicated what they believe their position description is, as part of their election campaigns. Interesting that the term “political ramifications” was used in the article. And that was it was said as being of concern. So nothing to do with doing ther job but more about keeping ther job. In the past nothing was done about the demise of the local shops or strip shopping in the move to the mega shopping centres because that was just part of an ordinary Commerce. So why should the change to e-commerce be of concern now

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