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Ho am I, rewrittn by Bard


I am Geoff Greig, but that is not the entirety of my identity. It is merely a label that has been assigned to me for identification purposes.

My true essence lies in my thoughts and experiences. To others, however, it manifests primarily through my actions and words.

I find it amusing that when individuals request proof of identity, they are essentially seeking documentation bearing a person's name. When asked this question, I simply respond, “I am me.”


I perceive myself as distinct from most individuals I encounter, and I take pride in my uniqueness.

I grew up during the 1960s and 1970s, a period marked by countercultures. While I never actively participated in these movements, I found them intriguing to observe. It disappoints me that many of the ideals these countercultures championed have been discarded, perhaps due to fleeting trends.

A memorable instance of my distinctive nature occurred during my high school years. While walking along the same side of the road with my friends, as we habitually did, I suggested exploring the other side. I proceeded on my own, but my companions remained on the familiar path.

Academically, I struggled, which I later attributed to a learning disability. My learning process diverged from the conventional approach. Rather than conforming to the established system, I essentially rebelled, believing that the system, not myself, was the source of the problem. This resulted in an education without formal qualifications. See my perspective on education.

Fortunately, I found employment in a field where qualifications were less crucial than achieving results. Initially working as a salesperson and later as a computer programmer, I achieved financial stability. Additionally, self-employment proved to be highly beneficial. See Money Or Why some people have it and others don't?


I harbor a deep passion for science, particularly the scientific methodology. I am drawn to logic, which, unfortunately, is not shared by the majority of the population. I often find that many individuals I interact with lack a basic understanding of logic. Over time, I have come to realize that most people are more emotionally driven than logically inclined.

Autistic Spectrum

My daughter, who possesses greater insight and knowledge of these matters than I do, suggests that I fall along the autistic spectrum. I acknowledge that I may not possess the same level of empathy as the majority of people. To some extent, I am grateful for this, as it shields me from emotional vulnerability.

During a previous sales position, a colleague noted my tendency to skip the morning pleasantries and immediately delve into work-related discussions. I had yet to grasp the nuances of “conventional” conversations.

Additionally, I struggle to read people as effectively as others can. However, this mutual deficiency may be a double-edged sword. On the other hand, my facial expressions tend to be quite expressive.

Big Picture Thinking

I have always been a big picture thinker, preferring to examine the entirety rather than isolating individual components. The term “an eye for detail” is one I dislike. While I recognize its relevance in certain situations, I believe society places an excessive emphasis on minutiae, failing to recognize the broader trajectory we are on.


I approach many things with skepticism, refusing to accept everything at face value. I seek evidence or logical reasoning to substantiate claims.

During my secondary school years, I was dubbed the “question kid.” I was reluctant to simply accept what I was told. As I matured, I noticed that my habit of asking “why” often irritated others. I discovered that softening my approach with the phrase “if it's alright to ask, why” helped alleviate some of their discomfort.

Real vs Virtual

My extensive experience working with software has allowed me to readily grasp the distinction between software and hardware, though I may struggle to convey this concept to a novice.

More recently, I have come to realize that many aspects of our society, such as laws, currency, and time measurement, are essentially virtual constructs, akin to software. Perhaps my big picture perspective has facilitated this realization. As a consequence, I have developed a broader understanding of life, society, and culture.


I have always possessed a strong sense of fairness.

Update: I originally penned this text in January 2021. Recently, I returned from a trip to Melbourne (June 2023) to attend my Aunt Cath's funeral. Upon hearing my cousin Michael speak about his mother, I realized that, like him, I inherited my sense of fairness

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