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Greenbank army camp burning

Problems and Solutions

The Problem

Residence of surrounding suburbs of the Greenbank army camp are clouded in smoke because of the supposed control burn.

eg See:

Its understood that the reason for the control burn is to reduce fuel load in the case of a future fires.

History shows local residents not happy with Greenbank army camp

Possible Solution

Mandate that the Greenbank army camp is no longer to be burnt.

But other methods are used to reduce fuel load.

Use the people that are currently unemployed because of the virus situation to remove the fuel load in the Greenbank army camp, without burning. A sceam similar to the old work for the dole program.

Information sent to

Federal member for Wright.

Scott Buchholz Street Address: 21 William Street Beaudesert QLD 4285

Postal Address: PO Box 628 Beaudesert QLD

Phone: (07) 5541 0150 Fax: (07) 5541 4150


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