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Glider Forest Cleanup and Fencing

I have been for a walk trough Glider Forest today 2/9/2013 and last week walked through part of Parkinson Bushlands. Below is my observations.

Hopefully the cleanup is not yet finished. If it is, their are items that have been missed.

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The Good News

The good news is that they have done a reasonable job of cleaning up Glider Forest and fencing it. More good news is that the recent burning off does not appear to have been done in Glider Forest but rather Parkinson Bushlands, although I have not yet been able to find where.

The bad news

The bad news is that their are still quite a few dumped tyres, a hole half full of broken plastic appliances and one place where the fence contractor has dumped concrete used whilst building the fence.

But the worst bad news is that their is evidence that motorbikes are still getting in

Evidence of the Motorbikes still getting in

There is one place where, because of the recent tire tracks, you can see where the Motor Bikes are going around the new fence as can be seen in this photo.

This situation need to be fixed up ASAP otherwise the $300,000 fence has been a waste of money. It is at the northern end of Paradise rd. The fence contractor has finished the fence at that point most likely because that was the end of boundary and as can be seen in the photo it becomes a wet area. But that does not stop a motorbike. That end of the fence need to run back to Paradise road.

Other places Motorbikes could get in

Although their is no evidence of it happening yet, their are two other place where motorbikes could relatively easily get into Glider forest. The first is along Paradise road where the creek goes under it. The fencing contractor has not put any fence their as it has a traffic guard rail as can be seen on this photo.

And on this photo where the fence meets the guardrail

As the type of Motorbikes that used this area are usually carried on a Ute and roll on and off the Ute with a ramp, such a ramp could easily go over the guardrail. As can be seen in the the above photo the guardrail is only the height of the middle rail of the fence. If the fence is not put inside of the guardrail then all the fencing might as well be on 1/2 its existing height. Something needs to be done about this, but it is not yet as urgent as the one above.

A Motorbike can easily enter the railway siding off Johnston Rd Wast of the rail line next to Parkinson Bushlands, and then cross the rail line and enter Glider forest. Glider forest is NOT fenced along the rail line.

A fence or gate is needed as can be seen in this photo:

The vehicle going past at the top of the photo is in Johnson Road.

Once again, not as urgent as the first issue but considering $300,000 has been spent so far, it will be wast of money if the motorbikes are not stopped at this point.

Maintenance of the fence

As I asked the Minister at the time the clean up and fencing was announced, who is going to pay for the ongoing maintenance of the fence? But another point is who is going to going to routinely inspect it to see if in needs maintenance.

Here are some photos of the Parkinson Parklands fence:

Tree fallen on it.

4WD's had deliberately broken the fence and BCC had to repair it.

Tires still in Glider forest

Here photos of some of the tires on Glider Forest.

Actually some of them are just outside of Glider Forest so it appears that the contractor that had the job of doing the cleanup has moved them outside the boundary so that they did not have to cart them away. I wonder if the State Government is aware of this. Also that in one place the fencing contractor had left a pile of concrete, also outside the boundary. See this photo:

If we where getting such work done on our properties we would not accept this. As indirectly we are paying for it in our taxes I feel contractor should be made to finish the job off. Why do I have to to the inspection work?

A hole 1/2 fill of plastic broken plastic appliances.

This area has a pink plastic around it. This photo show these broken plastic appliances:

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