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My take on Email Disclaimer

Disclaimer: This email and any attachments may contain legally privileged or confidential information and are NOT protected by copyright. You can use or disclose them for any purposes, because if I'm stupid enough to send you such information that's my fault, and I have to suffer the consequences. The privilege or confidentiality attached to this message and attachments is definitely waived by reason of mistaken delivery to you. If you are not the intended recipient, how would you no, you can use, disclose, retain, forward or reproduce this message or any attachments. If you receive this message in error, how would you no, if you feel like it, please notify the sender by return email or telephone and if you want to, keep all copies. even if I asked you to destroy copies of them how would I know that you did so or would you even be capable of doing that. Unless stated otherwise, this email represents my views and not the views of the anyone else, which I thought would be reasonably logical.

I don't carry out any monitoring, scanning and blocking of emails and attachments sent from or to any of my email addresses within my domain for the purposes of operating, protecting, maintaining and ensuring appropriate use of my computer network. So be warned.

just be logical, because laws and average people are not.

The reality is human laws don't exist. they are just aggregate imagination, and rely on aggregate Faith to actually operate.

and to prove how illogical the legal system is, I disclaim the above disclaimer.

apparently blanket email disclaimers arnt of much use anyway according to this article:

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