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Economic Recovery

Post Virus

the current so-called economic recession the world is having, according to those that are supposed to know, require the economy to be kick started by an injection of government funds.

apparently the problem is to many people are out of work and those people that would normally work are not getting an income so are not able to spend money.

but if governments spend money, it is thought that will put more people at work. so the theory goes.

however, the money that the government wants to spend is to promote manufacturing. unfortunately manufacturing is highly automated. so if you give manufacturers money, without specific conditions attached to the money, they'll spend on machinery so putting even more people out of work.

even in administrative jobs a lot is automated to the extent that even if governments promoted administrative jobs because of computer automation, not many people are going to be employed.

economic recessions are not new. they have happened many times in the past. they usually happen after a boom period. one such boom period was the Australian gold rush. it resulted in Melbourne Australia at one point in time being one of the most richest cities in the world. but then after every boom ther is the bust.

one of the results of that bust was that the dome that was supposed to be built on the top of Victorian Parliament house was never built.

here is a photo I took of a placemat that we've had for many years. it shows Victorian Parliament house with a dome.

the placemat is a print somebody obviously created showing what the Parliament house was meant to look like. but because of the economic recession after the economic boom associated with discovery of gold in Victoria, the dome was never built.

a lot of other things that we're proposed where never finished or never started because of further recessions

if the dome was to be built today, modern building automation most likely could not be used. it would have to be painstakingly built similar to the way it was done at the time of the original construction. therefore employing a lot more people than if the same money was spent on manufacturing.

there's probably a lot of reasons why governments doesn't want to resurrect old projects like this, but as I can't think of any, I would like to know what they are?

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