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Death. the Root cause of all Deaths

This symbol, called Ankh, is the root cause of all Deaths.


Achient Egypt symbol

The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that was most commonly used in writing and in Egyptian art. So it has been known about for thousands of years. If it's been known about for so long, why don't more people generally know about it. Most likely because people don't like talking about death.

No unified acceptable definition

Although the symbol Ankh, is well defined what it represents is not. There is currently no consensus regarding the definition of what Ankh represents, even though it is the root cause of all deaths.


Not only Applies to Humans

Ankh, does not only apply to humans, it also applies to plants and animals. the root cause of the death of all plants and animals is also caused by Ankh.

Never shown as a cause of Death

Even though Ankh is the root cause of all deaths it is never shown on any list of causes of death.

For example this list of causes of death in Australia, Leading underlying causes of death, by age group, 2015–2017, does not show Ankh:



Perhaps its because it to obvious, or that most people are apathetic about death

The above source states: “Leading underlying causes of death are determined by grouping specific causes of death and counting the number of deaths assigned to each cause group. Over 14,000 specific causes of illness, injury and death are presented in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision (ICD-10)”. Yet the root cause of leading underlying causes of death, is not shown.

Why isn't something being done about it

Perhaps because most people dont want to know the root cause of all deaths, or they may not realise that they already know and have always known.

This web page is doing somthing about it. But most likely not many people will read it.

Even though most people will do whatever they can to avoid death, they may not be aware that Ankh is the root cause of all deaths.

Without that knowledge, ther is no perceived problem such that nothing is done about it.

Dramatically reduce deaths

reducing Ankh will have a direct corresponding reduction in deaths, in the long term. Being the root cause of all deaths means that ther is a direct relationship between it and death rates. However, presently, Anka is increasing See :, which means that in the future deaths rates will also increase.

Got to the End

if you have read all the above and got to here, but still dont no what the Ankh symbol stands for, them you have not followed any of the important links that have been provided. Go back and click on at least the first to links.

If you are to lazy to do that, I will now tell you what the symbol Ankh at the beginning of this page represents.


Life is the root cause of all death.

This is just an example of how things can be taken out of context. All the information above is 100% correct, but unless you follow the given links to find out the meaning of Ankh, then you can get the wrong impression.

links on web pages can be like the fineprint in legal contracts.

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