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Conference Calls

How to set then up on a Mobile phone - videos


He talks about a specific overseas network (Mobistar) be the process is the same for ALL networks when using a Android Phone


How to set the up on a land Line Phone

On a cordless or modern land line phone

On a older land line phone with few or no buttons

How to have unlimited people on a phone conversation

Watch video on this:

Even though conference calls on a mobile phone are limited to 6 people, the originator and 5 others and on landlines to 3 people, the originator and 2 others, in practice you can have an unlimited number of people on the one phone conversation.

This is because the non originators of the call, can each , in turn, act as originators and so call at least 2 other people, who inturn can call 2 other people, and so it goes on.

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