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Common Sense

An internet definition

common sense noun good sense and sound judgement in practical matters. “it is all a matter of common sense”

It's an oxymoron

because the term uses the word common it implies that most people have it.

but based on my observations most people do not have good sense and sound judgement in practical matters.

therefore I have stopped using the term.


my alternative is to use the word “logical”

but my observations are that people do not know what logical means.

again some internet definitions:

of or according to the rules of logic or formal argument. “a logical impossibility”

characterized by or capable of clear, sound reasoning. “her logical mind”

(of an action, decision, etc.) expected or sensible under the circumstances. “the polar expedition is a logical extension of his Arctic travels”

See also:

why people are not logical

most people are not logical. if everybody was logical than everybody would be able to write computer programs. most people can't write computer programs. even those people that can write them are often not capable of using the most advanced functions of computing.

because the human subconscious fully controls the conscious, and the objective of your subconscious is to keep you alive, you will think more emotionally than you do logically.

but this is all based on my, observations, experiences and knowledge, which are, most likely, greatly affected by my emotions.

A classic example

I believe that English spelling and gramma is illogical. but many people believe that it is logical.

perhaps when you've been brought up and taught in schools to believe there is only one way of correct spelling, you therefore think that it must be logical. you don't want to think that everything you've been taught is possibly wrong. doubt and fear are strong human emotions possibly generated by your subconscious, that you can't control.

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