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Centrelink issues

complaints I made to Centrelink

for over 5 weeks I've been trying to get a commonwealth seniors health care card. I still haven't got one. Because:

  1. when I went to myGov it said I had to have a Centrelink CRN.
  2. when I went to the screens that allows me to apply for for one it asked me for passport details. which I entered. but it rejected them outright without giving me any further attempts
  3. it then asked me for birth certificate details which it rejected 5 times. so locked me out of the system
  4. I rang a contact number that ask me to enter a CRN, or to say if I did not have a crn. I said I did not have one. it then ask me for a crn.
  5. after going through that process a number of times I tried a different option and eventually got to talk to a person. who said to me I already have a crn. don't know where I got it from cos I've never dealt with Centrelink before.
  6. having the crn I went to the function which allows me to add Centrelink as a service but it rejected my attempts saying that the information I was entering, the crn number, my name, date of birth and address, was not correct.
  7. I rang up a support number, and they said the reason is because my name on myGov could be different to the name on the ATO site or the my health record site, which I was already registered for. I changed my abbreviated name to the full name on the ATO site. but I could still not register with Centrelink.
  8. I again rang a support number and ask them to escalate my problem. which they said they did.
  9. a week later I have not heard from them so I rang them. they said the problem had not been fixed and I should ring back later. but in the meantime I could submit a form applying for the commonwealth seniors health care card via my wife's Centrelink account which I did
  10. after two weeks I rang back and was told that I had to reset my myGov login. I was giving instructions of how to do so and did it.
  11. but after doing so I had to connect mygov again to the Australian taxation Office and the my health records.
  12. attempting to connect to my health records it ask questions for which the answer was longer than the field length allowed me to enter, that is the doctors practice name.
  13. I rang a support number and they eventually got me reconnect to the my health records.
  14. after trying 3 times I was able to connect to Centrelink.
  15. however my online Centrelink account has no record of my application that I submitted in point 9.
  16. I still do not have a commonwealth seniors health care card and do not know if my application for it has been received is being process or what.

My wife was successful I'm getting her myGov account linked to Centrelink and applied for a Commonwealth seniors health care card online. This involved answering lot questions and uploading a lot of documents.

a few weeks later she gets a letter asking her to submit the same documents to the nearest Centrelink office. but a few paragraphs later says to submit them online.

to add insult to injury when I first attempted to submi this complaint it came up with a message saying that it had timed-out. lucky I kept a copy of it on my own website. that's why you getting this, this way

however it gets even worse.

each time I made a selection in each of the categories of complaint it will come up with a message saying make selection. if I changed the selection. and then press something to the effect of submitting, it would wipe out what I wrote. I have attempted to submit this a number of times

one of the complaints steps asked me what I would like to happen. one of the response is words something to the effective ICT. I'm sorry I haven't got a clue what that means.

what Id like to happen.

the litany of errors in this whole system be corrected and someone go through it with a fine tooth comb from an end users perspective.

The ID I Got was Feedback ID: 8035933769

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