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I went to a previous recorded webinar and noticed that the parts that uses application sharing are not shown. Only the last slide is show.

I have not had this situation before. When ever I had previously watched replays of Webinars I was able to see the applications sharing.

I then remembered that Keith had, had this problem and looked it up on this group and found this:

“Recording playback does not display the Application Sharing and or Web Tour content that occurred in the live session. The vendor is working on resolving this problem. In the meantime, the following workaround will allow you to view the full recording:

Option #1 (Playback Menu): In the main menu, click on Playback. From the Playback menu, select Show Recording Index. Click to highlight Application Sharing Started within the listed items in the Kindcolumn. Then click Seek at the bottom left of this window. Close the window using the “X” or by clicking Done on the bottom right. This will start the recording at that point when the Application Share began.”

I followed the instructions and am now able to see the Application Sharing part of the recordings again

Now that many of the webinars use Application Sharing and it is not possible to know how the persons computer watching a recording is set up, so I dont feel confident telling students to watch recorded webinars. They may watch a recording and be missing all the Application Sharing parts, and this would only confuse them

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