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Algester Gardens Requirement for a Quotation for Plumbing

Site Address: 367 Algester Rd Algester Contact: Geoff Greig (Treasurer) Email: Ph: 07 3800 5333 Mob: 0411 487 246

What we need

  1. - A quotation to perform the following work.
  2. - A estimate as to when you and start and complete the work
  3. - References of similar work that you have performed
  4. - What Licence, qualification and certifications you have
  5. - To what industrial standards do you complete your work


The complex has been plagued with mains water leaks almost since it was originally constructed. At least 10 time the roadways have been ripped up and the faulty fitting replaced. Apparently the poly fittings are know to be faulty. The committee decided to put in a new water supply system than to constantly repair the existing system. This was done in 2 stages. Stage 1 as 2.

Units covered by stages 1 and 2

Units 10 through to unit 38. See Site plan below

Work to be performed stage 3

Where necessary cut the bitumen road surface and Dig a trench at least 500 mm deep and place the appropriate sized poly pipe and fittings so that water is supplied to the following units, so bi-passing all existing pipes and fittings.

Units 1 through to 9 and unit 16 through to 18. See site plan below

From the roadway approximately outside unit 3 to the 2 taps approximately next to the BBQ in the park area

Back fill the trenches with appropriate crushed rock and road base. We will arrange to have the road asphalt repaired.

Connect to the existing supply at Unit 10 and possibly Unit 1 where necessary with isolation valves that would be accessible to isolate the stage if necessary.

Remove and dispose of any excess earth and waste and restore the site to its original condition other than the the restoration of asphalt

Additional stages

Stage 3 will not complete the replacement of the current faulty fittings. We are very likely to require that 2 more stages are required for this to happen. But currently we only require the quotation for stage 3


Measurement can be taken reasonable accurately via Google Earth with reference to the below site plan. Scroll down below the aerial photo

to see it.

Site Plan

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