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4G Mobile Data Vs Landline Data

This Article

This article:

Shows a graph of the cost per gigabyte of mobile data over the last 5 years.


this is a direct link to the graphic in the article, NOT a copy of it.

this decreased cost is a good reason to check out mobile plans if you haven't changed over the last 5 years.

but the article quotes no source of information used to produce the graph. it's accuracy could be put into question.

it also does not compare the price of mobile data with landline data.

considering that most landline data is now on unlimited plans it would be difficult to ascertain the price per gigabyte of landline data, as it would depend on the amount of data that is used.

if you're on a unlimited land line plan that cost $50 a month and use only 1 GB data, it's costing you $50 per GB. but if you're using 1000 GB it's only costing you, 5 cents per GB. thats a lot cheaper than the $2.30 per GB shown on the graph.

of course not many people use 1000 GB a month.

Apples and Oranges

comparing mobile data with land line data, it's like comparing apples with oranges. it's not a fair comparison because:

  1. mobile phones are portable and can be used where ever a mobile signal can be obtained
  2. mobile deals also usually include unlimited talk and text
  3. other than the phone itself mobile deals do not require additional equipment
  4. physical location of the mobile phone makes a huge difference to internet speed and reliability
  5. the more people that are using a particular mobile tower the slower the internet, because all are sharing the same bandwidth.
  6. all mobile smartphones, have the ability to hotspot so share an Internet connection to other devices via a number of methods
  7. because of the above point mobile smartphones can provide internet access to other devices wherever a mobile signal can be obtained
  8. landline internet data requires a Wi-Fi modem to be able to share an Internet connection
  9. landline internet data cannot share an Internet connection beyond the reach of its Wi-Fi
  10. if you move premises ther is no cost of moving a mobile plan
  11. if you move premises there is a cost of moving a landline plan

History not indication of Future

just like all investment advice is required to have a disclaimer, so the same applies with anything to do with any cost. just because mobile data costs have been decreasing does not mean they will continue to do so in the future. same with landline data costs.

My comment I left on above Article

as long as you're close to a tower, there are not too many other people using it and have plenty of your quota left, 4G mobile might be ok. at the moment not many providers, have a unlimited 4G plans compared with landline

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