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In 2020 what I Learnt

  1. that something so small you can't even see it on a microscope can affect the whole world
  2. that in Australia you can have a deficit budget because of a virus
  3. if you social distance less people die of the flu
  4. even if you're, supposedly, the most powerful person in the world, if you continue to lie it catchs up on you
  5. that either a capital letter or a full stop is redundant to show the start or end of a sentence
  6. the five monkey principle is still alive and strong
  7. that emotion is socally more important than logic
  8. two examples of anarchy are English spelling and human thought
  9. culture can be changed very quicky
  10. your subconscious controls your conscious but your conscious can't control your subconscious
  11. travel is less necessary than is generally believed
  12. an important thing in life appears to be toilet paper
  13. laws and therefore money is only a human invented concert so rely on aggregate Faith to exist
  14. people can work from home
  15. you can consult with a doctor over the phone
  16. the Spanish flu still exist its just it now called, the Flu
  17. passports exist because of a previous pandemic
  18. how to setup a web server
  19. how to forget how set up a webserver
  20. how much junk our family has
  21. how to classify and move junk
  22. a lot about the Czech republic
  23. realities of trying to deal with Centrelink or any government department
  24. social dogma
  25. how naive I have been and still am
  26. how easy it is to forget things when you're writing down a list of things
  27. how the checks and balances in society, often don't work
  28. how to document ho I am
  29. age
  30. when to give up writing a list
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