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The first Daily newspaper 1701

The newspaper

This was the first newspaper that was published on a daily basis.

It was done by a woman called Elizabeth Mallet,The newspaper was called The Daily Courant

I got all this from this link to the State Library of Victoria

Of interest to me

Of interest to me in this is the Spelng and gramer which is completed different from today.

Some things I notice:

  1. The use of the character f where I would expect a s yet a s character is used elsewhere
  2. apostrophes in the middle of words for no apparent reason
  3. spelling of many words.


Shows how much written words have changed

This was only just over 300 years ago, which in terms of the length of human existence is an extremely short period of time.

Why has the rate of changed slowed down in more modern times?

This is prof that Spelng has changed and should change in the future

See my take on spelng

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